Hello to you all. Today, I’ll be writing about the impact of losing your pet.

To have a pet is to tame his presence, his character, his habits, his routine. It takes organization when you take a vacation, when there are parties. It is also the presence of a person in a couple, an infant baby.

Considering that the average life of the animals is 10-15 years, it makes them moments in the life where he is present.

Why does animal mourning come for all kinds of emotions?

  • Grief brings a presence
  • It brings comfort
  • It keeps you healthy
  • He loved you unconditionally

What is unconditional love?

It is bonds that are consciously and unconsciously woven. This emotional connection helps to give a role:

“I am the one who watches over you, I take care of this living being as if his life depends on me.”

Feed him, pet him, secure him, give him care and love him. You are his landmark. You are investing in this unconditional relationship. He’s happy, even if you’re grumpy. For him, you exist and he gives you meaning in your life. In his eyes you exist. And today, in this world of communication, people feel more and more alone. You come home, and he is there. He is reliable and his love is equal and constant.

In general, relationships between human beings are conditional. We wear social masks where we play different characters, but not with your animal. With him, you are yourselves. You know that you will be loved by this love ball. Often, people are more authentic to them than to humans. It’s a relationship where you show your vulnerability. Have you ever hidden to cry in front of your pet? No! He is present in your trials, he is faithful and stays there when you cry.

This is how when our pet dies, the routine changes in an instant. Everything we did together, now I’m doing it alone. I no longer have this unconditional love, this comfort that fulfilled my basic need: Love.

Who do I turn to when my best friend is dead?

I find that the first moment we wake up the next morning and realize that it is no longer there is the most painful. And what is the most difficult moment for you?

The pace of mourning does not match our hectic life today. Some people will tell you to mourn. They will put a deadline where you are supposed to have finished. It causes anxiety and anger as well as confusion where you do not recognize yourself anymore.

Some will try not to think about it. If I do not think about it, I will not have trouble and I will not feel the lack of death. But by not thinking of it you are cutting yourself off from death, but also from all that it has brought you.

To mourn is to make the choice to return with what it implies: the suffering of the loss.

In the next article, I will tell you about the work of mourning. I will not give you the solution of how to get out right now, because I want you to understand this work as well as these steps.

Brigitte Bérubé

Therapist in a relationship of help | Specialist petloss.

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