The moving period is approaching. It is important to prepare kitty to make the transition from one house to another. Here are some tips.

Preparation for the move

Make sure that, if your cat is microchipped or has a medal, your contact information is up to date. Many people change their number or address and unfortunately can not find their cat who fled during the move.

The boxes can make him anxious

The cat being a routine, is accustomed to walk around the house with a precise trajectory. As soon as a piece of furniture changes places, we immediately notice a certain excitement in our cat. In order to get him used to the boxes, leave some of them in the house, opened, so he can explore them. You could even use pheromones as a Feliway spray to reassure your cat.

Pheromones on arrival

Even in the rush of the move, do not forget to keep the same routine for kitty. This will allow him to reduce his stress and will understand that the situation is not alarming.

Room layout

Upon arrival at the new home, arrange a quiet room for kitty. Setup a place to hide (empty moving box or tent), a nice cushion, bedding, water, food, favorite toys, cat tree and a plug-in Feliway if budget allows.

Unpack kitty things first.

It is important for kitty to feel quickly at home and adding objects that he recognizes the smell, he will be tempted to explore further.

It is normal for kitty to be anxious. Do not force him to hug him or take him. Let him rest for the rest of the crowd and the noise is gone.

Eating habits

It is normal that your cat does not eat much the first days. As soon as the movers left and calm returned, you can open the door of kitty to let him explore. It should be noted that cats do not all get used at the same time. It may be that you have a cat very comfortable with exploring while others prefer to stay in their room a few days. Respect their rhythm. Make sure nothing dangerous is dragging though (tape, rope, etc.).

Do not forget his routine

We know that the moving days are exhausting, but keep time to play with kitty so that he can resume his routine from the first day.

Talk to him before and after the move. Animals feel our energy. They will better understand their change of home if you talk to them before. Try it ?