How to Get Rid of Bad Odors


Are you the parent of cats who soaks the whole house with bad smell when they go to the bathroom? Here are some tips to help you smell a good scent in your lungs.

First, make sure your cat has no major health problems related to the smell of its stool or urination. In some cases, we can find worms in their belly or even urinary problems. It is important to check the range of odors and signs of your cat.


The litter

The quality of the litter is an essential element. Thinking wrongly about buying wholesale or inexpensive litter creates odor problems and also dust particles in the air. Better quality litter will have less volatile dust and will be more absorbent.

Types of litter

This question is often asked, but I sincerely think that it is a personal choice. Some will prefer clay, others silica, walnuts, newsprint or wood pellets. This choice is very personal to each and the methodology used for each type is also different.

Whatever your type of litter, here are some tips to help you smell.



Pay a little more for a good quality litter. You will see a difference.

Baking soda

Add a little baking soda. This will absorb odors more easily

Pre & Probiotics

Add pro and prebiotics to your cat’s diet. These elements rebalance the intestinal flora and reduce smelling stools.

Odor Control

Use a safe odor remover for cats. Personally, I use the odor remover from the Plantae shop. Its main patented ingredient not only makes it possible to capture bad smells, but to make them disappear completely by the enzymes present which break down the smelly molecules. Animals will not be able to detect its smell and this product becomes an essential in toilet training in addition to being an entirely natural and sweet room fragrance. It comes in many scents so that humans can enjoy it more.

Bergamot & black tea odor control

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Adapted litter box

Your cat’s litter box may be too small for your feline. This one tries to sneak into his bin, but does not manage to bury the gifts he leaves you, letting the smell spread everywhere. In addition, cats hate lids. Ideally, if you can remove the litter cover, it will be the pleasure of kitty who will not be bothered by the odors left from previous stools.


Adapt the food to your cat. Some cats do not digest a protein or food well. High-protein foods are sometimes difficult to digest, which creates a strong odor when it leaves the intestine.
I hope that with these tips, you will be able to stop bad odors from litter. Do not hesitate to comment or ask me your questions!