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The Maine Coon is a long haired cat breed from the state of Maine in the United States. This rustic-looking cat is characterized by its large size, plume tail, square muzzle, feathered ears and long hair. It is to this day one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, with savannah. The Maine Coon is also the oldest North American natural breed.


The Maine Coon is probably one of the oldest North American natural breeds. Several legends describe the origins of the breed. The most common is that the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between cats and raccoons (colloquially English, racoon abbreviation), which would explain their very bushy tail. Of course, it is genetically impossible to achieve such a hybrid, but the breed keeps this legend its name.

The second advance that the maine coon is a descendant of the six angora cats sent by Marie Antoinette of Austria while preparing to escape to escape the French Revolution. These angoras were allegedly brought on Captain Samuel Clough’s Sally’s ship Sonny with the Queen’s other belongings. The angoras would then be mingled with local farm cats to give birth to Maine Coon.

Another theory is that the breed developed from crosses between local farm cats and other long-haired or mid-long cats first imported by the Vikings around the year 1000. Maine coon would then descend from the Norwegian forest cat, which would explain their similarity. This hypothesis is supported by the similarity between Van Turk, Siberians, Norwegians and finally Maine Coons, whose geographical origins correspond to the movements of the Vikings. This similarity with Norwegian can also be explained by the fact that the winter climate of New England and Norway are identical and would have led to the selection of the same physical specificities.

In the 19th century, Mrs. Pierce, one of the first Maine owners, also speculated that these cats had arrived on the shores of Maine by sea, not thanks to the Vikings, but rather by the wealthy Maine families who possessed then luxurious boats and traveled a lot. They would have brought back from their expeditions many exotic pets, especially to amuse the children. Pierce’s second hypothesis was that angora cats were loaded onto commercial vessels to hunt rats3. In both cases, they reportedly landed on the east coast and mixed with local shorthair cats.

Another possibility is that they have been imported by European immigrants and have adapted to the living conditions and difficult climate of the region.

No matter what theory you decide to believe, Maine Coon is a hyper loving and intelligent cat.

  • Its weight can be up to 9 kg for a male and 6 kg for a female, about twice the number of domestic cats.
    His legs are strong and muscular.
    The tail is long and folded on the back, it must reach the scapula. It is at the broad base and must end in a point.
@Felix Gallery by Robert Sijka

@Felix Gallery by Robert Sijka

Some interesting facts:

  • The longest cat record in the world is held by Leo, who in 2006 was 121.9 cm.
  • Nicolas Cage, yes yes, the actor, recently adopted a Maine Coon.
  • Maine Coons are equipped for the winter. They have even developed “snow shoes” with their little hairy under-feet that prevent the pads from freezing too quickly.
  • Do you remember Miss Moth in Harry Potter? Well believe it or not, it’s a Maine Coon!
  • Due to their thick coat that repels water, the Maine Coons seem to like playing with it.

Patrick Larrivee’s portrait of Maine Coons

Source: Wikipedia


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