Your cat fascinates you? But do you know everything about him? Test your knowledge here!

Cats spend 2/3 of their lives sleeping.

The reason would be that growth hormones are released when kitty sleeps.

The nose of your cat is unique.

Take the time to look at your cat’s nose. He has grooves and small dots unique to him. It’s the equivalent of our fingerprints.

Cats purr while inhaling and exhaling.

Which is quite impossible for a human to repeat. Try it!

The average cat has about 130,000 hairs per square inch.

We wonder after why we find so much in our house.

A single litter of kittens, can come from several fathers.

The term for two or more eggs from the same heat cycle being fertilized by different sets of sperm is called superfecundation.

Adult cats do not really meow in nature.

The kittens mew to their mum to ask her things so if your adult cat meows, it would see you as a mother figure.

The cat does not have a clavicle identical to ours.

Theirs is much smaller and attached directly to the sternum. This would allow them, among other things, to sneak into tight places and also to throw their paws far forward to enlarge the stride.

The male cat can not be 3 colors.

It’s genetically impossible. The only way to have the 3 colors is to have two X chromosomes.

Maine Coon

The largest recognized domestic cat breed is Maine Coon.

Human Age vs. Cat

According to Catster, the equivalent age of cats vs. humans would not be seven (7) years per year of cat, but more as follows:

  • One (1) year of cat equals 15 years human
  • Two (2) years of cat equals 24 years human
  • Then, we would increase by four (4) years per year of cat life.

So, for example, your cat is celebrating its 5th birthday. He would have the equivalent of 36 human years.

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