An urban legend would like white cats to be deaf. True or false? What is the link between coat color and deafness? We did the research for you.

It must first be understood that the all-white coat cat is actually devoid of pigments. This colorless hair is encoded by the W gene, the “dominant white”. Be careful not to confuse a white cat with a cat that has a few spots of color or has a two-colored pattern. Here we talk about ANY white cat.

The W Gene

The W gene is transmitted by the mother. When the embryo develops in mamma, the W gene blocks the migration of the cells responsible for the pigmentation, which gives an all-white cat.

This gene can also affect an organ called Organ of Corti which is responsible for auditory perception. The sensory cells of this organ do not survive beyond 5 days after birth and give a deaf cat.



50% of cats carrying the W gene are deaf (partial or complete).

Even if your cat is devoid of the sense of hearing (partial or complete), it is nevertheless not less agile. Cats use their hearing little compared to their sense of smell and vision. Do not be afraid that he will adapt and even be more vigilant than others to what surrounds him.

Did you know that?

White cats will have at least 1 blue eye and may have a second eye of a difference color.

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